Watts Premier OneFlow Water Conditioner Reviews

Coming in third on our list is the OneFlow soft-free scale prevention and water filtration system. It is specifically designed to reduce typical water hardness problems in the plumbing system and appliances, plus the reduction of chlorine and larger sediments.

Softening Capability

This unit uses the top-rated most effective hard scale prevention technology known as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC).

The TAC system is an innovative and established technology that naturally softens water without the use of salt or any other chemicals. This technology is proven to be the best by the WaterReuse Research Foundation.

The TAC technology attracts and modifies the structure of hard minerals into harmless soft inactive crystals molecules. These molecules stay suspended in water and flow freely throughout the system without bonding.

This process reduces scale formation in water heating devices, fixtures, and pipes, thereby improving plumbing system efficiency and performance. It also helps extend the lifespan of appliances.

The OneFlow conditioner is so effective such that it does not add or remove anything from water, instead, the process retains healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Moreover, this system is capable of handling water hardness levels of up to 75 grains per gallon daily. However, this is based on a 4-person household, hence it may not be effective for a larger family house.

When it comes to the filtration system, the OneFlow conditioner features a media cartridge. This media cartridge is used in combination with the activated carbon block filters made from coconut shells to filter out already descaled water.

The carbon filter has a 20-micron rating, which helps to filter both dirt, sediment, chlorine taste, and odors. Plus, it is capable of holding dirt of up to 2.2 lbs. for a maximum of 50,000 gallons of use.

This unit not only inhibits limescale buildup on the surface of the plumbing system but also filters your water to give you more healthy and clean water for drinking, laundry, and bathing.


It is powerful enough to supply up to 4 people households with better water. The conditioner system can process up to 250,000 gallons of water which is approximately 3 years of service for a whole-house unit.

When installed in the right place, the One Flow system has a maximum flow rate of 10 GPM. This rate is enough for a small to medium-sized family, above all, it maintains this flow rate with no slow down rate on the shower and faucet.

Installation and Maintenance

In terms of installation, its compact design and the standard 1-inch NPT inlet/outlet adapters offer quick and simple installation since it does not require access to the electrical outlet or drain. Using a mounting bracket, you can either mount it on the wall or the floor.

However, if you are unsure about installing your OutFlow water conditioner system, it is advised to seek professional plumber. A professional plumber is equipped with the necessary knowledge to install the system correctly to protect the given warranty.

The system is designed for indoor installation, although you can still install it outside with a protective cover.

Once installed and running, the system is virtually maintenance-free. With no salt to monitor or chemicals to replenish, there is no water wastage. Having zero wastewater to drain, it’s a very environment-friendly unit.

The OneFlow high capacity media cartridge requires constant maintenance. It should be replaced after every 3 years of continuous use depending on the number of gallons processed.

On the other hand, carbon filters should be renewed annually. To make the changes simple and quick, the unit features a water pressure relief valve and malfunction tool.

Despite having topmost rated filtration technology, the OutFlow water conditioner system is not ideal for water with high levels of contaminants including iron and hydrogen sulfide.

All in all, OutFlow salt-free scale prevention and water filtration system not only provides a healthy, great-tasting and smelling water but also protects your home appliances. For its efficiency and price, this entire system is hard to beat.


  • Prevents limescale development and retains beneficial minerals.
  • Reduce chlorine levels for healthy, great-tasting water
  • Sufficient capacity of about 250,000 gallons
  • Little maintenance with easy filter changes
  • Eliminates water spots on cars, shower doors, and dishes
  • Can handle water hardness of up to 75 grains per gallon
  • Eco-friendly with no water wastage


  • Require skilled professional during installation to engage warranty
  • Not suitable for larger family
  • Not ideal to remove iron and other contaminants

Product Overview

ProductWatts Premier OneFlow Water Conditioner Reviews
BrandWatts Premier
Rating4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5) (More than 21 reviews)
Recommended price543.51 USD (Check the latest price at Amazon.com)

Product Specification

Capacity75 grains per gallon
Flow Rate10 GPM
Dimensions19.3 x 9.2 x 9.2 inches
Weight15 pounds

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Watts Premier OneFlow Water Conditioner Reviews
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