Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste Reverse Osmosis System

The Watts Premier 0950045 is yet another super-efficient RO system produced by Watts Premier featuring their innovative ZeroWaste technology.

In addition to this, the unit is incorporated with a booster pump and can achieve purification standards comparable with the Watts Premier 531517 Zero Pure Plus model above which makes a great alternative for those who experience issues with water pressure.

Filtration Process

The filtration process of this Watts Premier 0950045 RO system is made up of 4 separate stages that extract a wide range of contaminants from the water to ensure it’s clean and much safer for drinking and cooking.

The first two stages consist of a 5-micron sediment pre-filter in the 1st stage and an equally 5-micron carbon block pre-filter in the 2nd stage.

These two pre-filters together help clear out sediments and fine particles suspended in the water as well as chemical contaminants like chlorine, chloramines and VOCs which lead to bad taste and odor.

The RO membrane takes up the 3rd stage of the system and it deals with the remaining microscopic contaminants from TDS to heavy metals and microorganisms removing up 98% of them down to 0.0001 microns.

The last stage includes a quality granular activated carbon (GAC) post-filter that’s installed right after the storage tank.

Here, the water undergoes one final polishing where any chlorine or other chemicals that slipped past the RO membrane are completely removed. Unpleasant tastes or odor collected from the RO tank are also removed before the water is dispensed.

Booster Pump

To facilitate a consistently high level of filtration and performance, Watts Premier has included a booster pump in this Watts Premier 0950045 model. The pump is capable of raising the pressure of the water entering the system from below 40 psi up to 80 psi.

In doing so, it enables the system to perform at its peak which is one of the reasons that makes this model another wonderful option for use in areas that usually face very low or fluctuating water pressure.

Filtration Capacity and Efficiency

The production rate of the Watts Premier 0950045 is only 24 gallons per day and this is the area that it falls short compared to other models on this list. It’s a pretty low capacity considering that most standard systems offer an average output of 50 gallons of filtered water a day.

However, if you are intending to produce purified water for less than three people, then 24 gallons per day may be enough, that is if they don’t use a lot of water regularly.

Again similar to Zero Pure Plus model, the distinct feature that makes this unit stand out is none other than the ZeroWaste technology.

The system does not send the wastewater down the drain but instead returns it into the house hot water supply where it can be reused somewhere else like washing the car or cropping the lawn.

In other words, while some wastewater is generated, literally nothing goes to waste in the production of the pure water hence making the system 100% efficient.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing the unit by yourself is not hard at all provided you have some basic technical skills because the pump requires electricity which means you will need to have a power outlet installed where you will be putting the system in case you don’t already have one in place.

As for maintenance, you will need to change the pre-filters every 6 months and the post-filter every year. The RO membrane has a lifespan of 2 to 5 years, so it can last a while before requiring changing depending on the condition of your incoming water.

The only drawback is that besides boosting the water pressure at the inlet, the pump is used by the ZeroWaste technology to pump the wastewater back to the house hot water line. This results in additional energy use which may lead to an increase in your monthly electricity bill.

The pump does make a little sound while running but it’s not that loud to be noticeable over a normal conversation.

Overall, Watts Premier 0950045 provides reliable performance and superb water efficiency. If you don’t mind the low production rate and using a bit more electricity, this is another good system to consider, particularly if your source water is pressure is a major issue.


  • Reliable performance in removing contaminants
  • Booster pump helps raise the water pressure
  • High water efficiency thanks to the ZeroWaste technology
  • Relatively easy to install with basic technical skills
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty


  • Low production capacity of only 24 gallons a day
  • Uses a bit more electricity than other RO systems

Product Overview

ProductWatts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste Reverse Osmosis System
BrandWatts Premier
Rating3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5) (More than 11 reviews)
Recommended price419 USD (Check the latest price at Amazon.com)

Product Specifications

Pre-filtersStage 1: 5 Micron Sediment Filter
Stage 2: 5 Micron Pre-Carbon Block Filter
RO membraneStage 3: 50 GPD Semipermeable Membrane (RO membrane)
Post-filtersStage 4: High-quality In-Line Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Final Polishing Filter
Incoming Water Pressure40-80 PSI
Storage tank3-gallon capacity
Fitting adaptors3/8” Stem & 1/4” Quick connect fitting adapter
Filtered Water to Waste Water RatioZerowaste
Alkaline / pH+ RemineralizationNo
UV FilterNo
Booster PumpNo
– WQA Gold seal
– NSF/ANSI 372 Lead Free
DocumentsSpecification [PDF]
Warranty [HTML]


Installation Guide

This video shows you step-to-step how to install Watts Premier 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System.


Are the components BPA free?

No, it doesn’t, the pump is used for creating more pressure at the water inlet, not at the outlet or storage tank.

Images Gallery

Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste - Faucet
Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste – Faucet
Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste - Components Diagram
Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste – Components Diagram

Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste - Dimensions
Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste – Dimensions
Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste - Tank dimensions
Watts Premier 0950045 ZeroWaste – Tank dimensions

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