iSpring ED2000 Electronic Water Descaler Reviews

iSpring is a household name when it comes to producing top-tier water treatment products, and their ED2000 electronic water descaler is no exception.

This is a smartly engineered electronic device that strikes a nice balance between efficiency and performance. For those on a budget and looking for the best salt-free water softener for their money, this is an option you may want to consider.

Softening Capability

The iSpring ED2000 utilizes an innovative hardness removal system that features two antenna cables wrapped around the main water pipe creating a coil and a computer chip which generates a complex, frequency-modulated electromagnetic waveform.

This waveform matches the resonant wave frequencies of the water molecule clusters, resulting in the breakdown of the clusters into active twin-molecules that have a larger surface area and can bond much better with the hard mineral ions.

In this new state, the water molecules are able to pick up and carry hard mineral ions while preventing the likelihood of them adhering to pipe surfaces.

This process also naturally clears out the existing scale as the unsaturated water continually dissolves the scale deposits along the pipe causing them to begin breaking down and get removed completely from the water system.

Limescale deposits on your faucets, showerheads, and sinks will easily wipe off over time plus there will be no new scale deposits throughout your water supply lines and appliances. 

It will prevent the water molecules from binding together and re-forming larger clusters that create limescale deposits while still leaving the healthy minerals in the water.

The system can handle hard water levels of up to 19 GPG, so it’s built for very hard water areas and is capable of descaling an entire water system of a household.

However, for water traveling more than 50 ft. you may need a second ED2000 unit farther down the plumbing line to guarantee effectiveness.

Power Consumption

The iSpring ED2000 system us powered by a small transformer that is compatible with a 110 power supply outlet. The best part though about this iSpring electronic descaler is that it’s highly energy-efficient, it’s the second most efficient unit on this list.

It only consumes around 1.8 watts which significantly helps keep your total energy consumption down. It saves energy while still helping prolong the life of your water system and appliances.

Installation and Maintenance

This unit is very easy to install and use. No plumbing is required and it doesn’t need any maintenance. As for compatibility, it can work with almost any type of piping from copper to PVC, PEC, CPVC and galvanized pipe. The cables require a maximum of 1-inch pipe diameter. If it’s between 1 to 1.5”, then you may have to use two ED200 units.

Aside from having no effect beyond 50 feet, the only other possible drawback about this iSpring system is that it may not perform effectively if your source water has high iron content. It can handle anything below 0.3 ppm but above that, it’s recommended you install an iron removal filter before the ED200.

Overall, for those on a budget and want an efficient, and reliable salt-free water softener the iSpring ED200 electronic water descaler is a perfect choice. It’s solidly built and more than capable of descaling an entire water system and stop further scale buildup.


  • Dependable descaling process
  • Eliminates existing limescale deposits
  • Retains the healthy minerals in the water
  • Very energy efficient using only 1.8 watts
  • Simple installation process with no maintenance needed
  • Works with almost any type of water pipe
  • Comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee plus lifetime support


  • No effect beyond 50 feet
  • Not recommended for water with an iron content level above 0.3 ppm

Product Overview

ProductiSpring ED2000 Electronic Water Descaler Reviews
Rating3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) (More than 216 reviews)
Recommended price145.98 USD (Check the latest price at

Product Specification

Part NumberED2000
Included Components1 Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner
Product Dimensions7 x 3.5 x 2 inches
Weight 2 pounds
CompatibilityAny pipe

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iSpring ED2000 Electronic Water Descaler Reviews
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iSpring ED2000 Electronic Water Descaler is a POE water treatment device.

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