HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler Reviews

Coming in third on our list is the HQUA 5000E electronic water descaler which is carefully designed to provide great performance and efficiency in preventing and eliminating scale in piping works and appliances.


The HQUA-5000E unit presents a complex technology system that ensures frequency regulated electromagnetic waves are generated to descale hard water.

This is accomplished through two cables that are wrapped onto your main water pipeline. When powered, frequency-modulated electromagnetic fields are generated by the main unit and transmitted via the wrapped cables.

The waves effectively break down the structure of dissolved calcium carbonates and other minerals in the water through a process called resonance.

Through resonance, the broken calcium carbonate crystals lose their adhesive quality and stay freely in water as ions instead of sticking on the surface of the fixtures hence preventing the development of limescale in water pipes and enabling smooth water flow.

Simultaneously, the carbon dioxide released from water continuously dissolve existing scale buildup at the same time inhibit rust deposits in the water pipes and appliances. However, it might take a period of normally 1-3 months to get totally clean pipes and water fittings.

Comparatively, it is important to note that HQUA 5000E it’s a chemical-free system with no addition or removal of salt or other chemicals. For this reason, water composition is not deprived of its essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

This electric water descaler is capable of handling an entire water system with a maximum water hardness of 25 GPG. It’s best suited for the whole house consisting of up to 7 members.

Power Consumption

The HQUEA-5000E is an energy-saving system consuming only 4 watts of electricity which is considerably low compared to other electrical softeners. It will cost you around 5 to 7 dollars per year to operate it, so you get to save on electricity bills. The unit will work with standard 110 volts power supply.

Installation and Maintenance

Requiring no skills at all, this HQUA model won’t pose any challenge as far as installation is concerned. You just need to mount the main unit near your power supply and wrap the two cables around the water supply pipe at the entry of your plumbing system and you are done.

The cables are long enough to wrap around the main water pipes not exceeding 1.5 inches in diameter. Furthermore, the unit can be used with all types of pipes from iron to copper, galvanized, plastic and stainless steel.

In terms of maintenance, the unit is designed for zero maintenance and a one-year limited warranty is offered from the day of purchase to cover any kind of defects in terms of repair or replacement.

However, like many other electronic descalers, this one is not waterproof, so you can only install it indoors and away from a water splash to be on the safer side.

All things considered, the HQUA 5000E electronic water descaler is an option we would recommend for anyone who wants a decent salt-free water softening system that can solve hard water problems.


  • Works effectively with hard water levels of up to 20 GPG
  • Prevents limescale and rust formation
  • Gradually removes existing limescale build-up
  • Retains healthy minerals
  • Energy-efficient consumes only 4 watts
  • Easy to install with zero maintenance
  • Compatible with various types of pipes
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty


  • Not waterproof

Product Overview

ProductHQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler Reviews
Rating3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) (More than 79 reviews)
Recommended price149.99 USD (Check the latest price at Amazon.com)

Product Specification

Impulses cableLength: 700 mm (29″)
Width: N/A
Quantity: 2
Flow RateN/A
Power24V DC / 120V AC
Voltage120 V
Wattage4 W
Dimensions6.2 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches
Weight2.1 pounds

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HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler Reviews
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