AquaBliss SF220 High Output Universal Shower Filter

The AquaBliss SF220 shower filter is a powerful filtration system that purifies your water at whatever temperature using multiple stages. It is designed to remove chlorine, fluoride and other harmful chemicals that make water hard and harsh to the skin and hair.

The AquaBliss SF220 also inhibits the growth of organic substances such as bacteria and fungi. After installing this shower system at home, you can expect your water to start feeling softer and gentler to both hair and skin in as little as a week. If there were any odors of chlorine, iron or sulfur in your water, you can expect them to disappear too.

The multi-stage filtration system employs a unique combination of KDF-55, calcium sulfite and active carbon technologies to filter the water. The KDF-55 is the main reason why the AquaBliss SF220 is capable of filtering your water even at high temperatures. The activated carbon is the one responsible for removing chlorine and other impurities at lower temperatures. Lastly, calcium sulfite is known to remove chlorine and other water impurities in both cold and hot water.

What you get is a fine water filtration system that dramatically improved the condition of your skin, hair, and nails. What’s more, this shower head is easy for even the least handy person to install. All you need to do is unscrew the existing showerhead and screw the SF220 in its place – you will need no tools. It is also compatible with all the standard hand-held showers.

After installation, you will notice that this showerhead does not affect the pressure at all, and the components making up the system are sturdy.

If you are planning to use your filter with well water, make sure to turn around the internal filter cartridge every month. Since well water normally tends to have high quantities of sediments, this will prevent the sediments from accumulating inside and blocking the water flow.


  • Easy installation.
  • Removes impurities in hot and cold water.
  • The multistage filtration system works efficiently.
  • Filter lasts up to 8 months.


  • It does not seem to remove the smell of sulfur
  • Some buyers have complained of low water pressure.

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AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Reviews

This 15-stage shower head water filter from AquaHomeGroup is one of the best out there for turning hard water soft and making your showers enjoyable.

The showerhead is made of a high-quality metallic body that houses an internal filter cartridge that contains vitamins C and E.

The system is fitted with alkaline ceramic balls, KDF-55, activated carbon and calcium sulfite to form a 15-step water filtration system that works well with both cold and hot water. As a result, it can get rid of chemical impurities such as rust, heavy metals, and sediments that may be present in your water.

AquaHomeGroup has ensured that anyone can install this shower head properly in just a few minutes and without any tools. Additionally, it is designed to fit with all standard shower types, including rainfall, wall-mounted, and hand-held showers.

Once installed, you should let the water run through the Luxury Filtered Shower Head for 5-10 minutes before use. This will remove any carbon dust that had accumulated inside the filter.

As the icing on the cake, this water filter comes in a fancy box and would make for such a chic and thoughtful gift. You will also notice a variety of different color shower caps as a bonus. AquaHomeGroup sure knows how to treat customers.


  • Built from high-quality material.
  • Easy to install.
  • Performs great.


  • Leaks when not installed properly

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CraterAquaSystems 15 Stages Shower Water Filter Reviews

The CraterAquaSystems 15-stage shower filter is an advanced inline filtered shower head designed to remove chlorine from your water and more. It comes installed with silver layer ions which are combined with KDF-55, calcium sulfite, and active carbon to make the filtration process as efficient as possible. The KDF-55 in this system contains additional silver ceramic balls that help to break down pathogens found in your tap water.

This high-performance water shower filtration system can effectively reduce over 98% of chlorine, thanks to its double chlorine protection design. It also removes other impurities such as bacteria, heavy metals, lead, iron, and sediments.  

This system does not reduce the output pressure since it is designed to filter 10 liters of water per minute. This is the same flow regulation as most standard showerheads.

The CraterAquaSystems filter is easy to install thanks to its standard ½-inch thread type that only requires to be screwed in place. You will not need any special tools or knowledge to set it up. Better yet, it comes compatible with all types of showerheads, including handheld shower systems, rain showerheads, inline faucets, and standard faucets.

This unit comes with two filter cartridges that are replaceable, hence giving you more shower time before you’d think of buying replacements.


  • Very easy to install.
  • Comes with two backup filters.
  • Does not affect water pressure


  • The plastic housing is not durable

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Captain Eco Shower Head Filter Reviews

The 10-Stage Shower Filter from Captain Eco is a powerful water filtration system built to remove all unhealthy substances that may be in your water supply.

It comes in a highly shiny chrome exterior that is rustproof and durable. Inside, it is equipped with a myriad of filter media which include activated carbon, KDF-55, Biocera ceramic balls, polypropylene cotton, calcium sulfite, and Maifan balls.

The ceramic balls are for specifically removing heavy metals, and the polypropylene cotton filter increases the surface area for filtration by 3-8 times more than standard filters. With this device providing your showers, even your breathing will improve considerably. It removes bad odor and inhibits the growth of algae and fungi.

The Captain Eco shower water filter is able to remove all sorts of impurities from both hot and cold water. These include chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), heavy metals and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). The filter is not designed to completely remove fluoride, but it helps reduce a good percentage of it from the water.

According to Captain Eco, each filter cartridge from this filter is capable of cleaning up to 12,000 gallons of water, which roughly translates to 6-8 months of shower time. It comes with two extra cartridges to ensure customers get as much shower time as possible before they have to think of a replacement.

The unit is fairly easy to install and comes with Teflon tape to prevent leakages. In case you do not like the product, the company offers a 120% money-back guarantee. That’s right, they will refund for the package, including shipping and offer you a 20% credit on their site.


  • Improves water quality.
  • Comes with two extra filters.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Lowers water pressure

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Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter Reviews

The Aquasana AQ-4105 shower filter is designed to focus on removing chlorine and other impurities from your water, for healthier hair, skin, nails and easier breathing.

Apart from removing more than 87% chlorine, the KDF-55 (copper-zinc mixture) and activated carbon filtration systems also decrease chloramine and levels of other chemicals. These include VOCs such as pesticides and herbicides, mercury, lead, iron, and hydrogen sulfide (which causes bad odor).

The package includes a massaging handheld wand and extra filters supposed to last you up to six months. The 5-foot handheld wand makes it easy to clean kids and pets without it getting in the way. They can also be variably adjustable from “spray” to “massage” mode.

The AQ-A105 shower filter is easy to install, maintain, and replace. All you need to is to simply attach it to your existing shower line. Remember to run the water through the filter until the water turns clear. It may be black during first use as it cycles out the carbon.


  • Installation is a breeze.
  • 100% BPA-free.
  • Ideal for tall.


  • The filters are prone to clogging
  • The attached hose is quite stiff and difficult to maneuver

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