iSpring RCC1UP Reverse Osmosis System Review

Following the RCC7U is the iSpring RCC1UP which is an upgrade to the RCC7U model with the addition of a booster pump. It’s a unit that guarantees maximum performance and great filtration results in situations where the pressure of the source water is quite low.

Filtration Process

The RCC1UP utilizes a 6-stage RO filtration process same as the RCC7U. The first three pre-filters comprises of a sediment filter, a carbon KDF (GAC) filter and a carbon block (CTO) filter.

These filters effectively eliminate all large contaminants as well as chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals in the water. The RO membrane, on the other hand, performs a thorough filtration removing up to 99% of the remaining contaminants down to 0.0001 microns.

The fine GAC filter in the 5th stage takes care of residual contaminants from the RO tank while the 6th stage UV sterilizer which consists of powerful 11 watt UV lamp destroys all the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that may have made it past the RO filter. 

This highly effective filtration process ensures the water delivered on the RO faucet is totally free of contaminants and very safe to drink and cooking.

The unit is also equipped with a flow sensor switch that automatically controls the turning on and off of the UV light according to the water flow hence saving power.

Pre-installed Booster Pump

Besides featuring a UV light filter, the RCC1UP has a pre-installed booster pump which is an essential addition that allows the system to work efficiently even when the source water pressure below 40 psi.

The pump can raise the pressure of the feed water from as low as 30 psi to around 80 psi which is an optimal pressure level that enhances the performance of the unit and its production speed too.

Therefore, unlike its predecessor the RCC7U, this unit will give you faster tank fill rates even with fluctuations in your source water pressure.

Filtration Capacity

Another area we liked about this iSpring model is its high capacity RO membrane which can output up to 100 gallons of water per day.

This is much higher capacity than most of the other standard residential RO systems from iSpring on our list. It’s sufficient output that can suit well families of almost any size.

Furthermore, with the pump boosting the production speed, you can expect a steady flow of clean water all day long. The pump also reduces the wastewater from 3 gallons to about 2 gallons for every gallon of purified water produced which is way much better.

Installation and Maintenance

We found the RCC1UP relatively easy to set up as it uses push to connect fittings and comes with a clear manual and all the parts you need to install it.

It might be a little tricky though if you are not that good with DIY installations as it will require a power source and a bit more space because it’s somewhat bulky. However, it will fit in most under-sink kitchen cabinets provided is higher than 20”.

The filter cartridges in the first 3 stages require replacing every 3 to 6 months based on your water quality while the stage 5 filter is to be replaced every year. The UV light filter can last about a year.

The RO membrane requires the least maintenance since it can last 2 to 2 years before requiring replacement.

The best part is that despite having the boost pump, the system runs quietly, only producing a low volume hum which is hard to hear with normal kitchen activity.

The overall quality of the unit is good too. The prefilters feature thick and solid housings while the fittings are plastic but feel durable. It’s a system that will definitely serve you for many years.

Aside from the installation being slightly tricky, the RCC1UP is a powerful and reliable RO system that’s designed to get the job done right.


  • Removes all kinds of impurities
  • UV sterilizer help kill any microorganism in the water
  • Has pre-installed booster pump to enhance performance
  • A very high output ideal for medium to large families
  • Doesn’t waste a lot of water
  • Generates very low noise during operation
  • Backed by one-year limited warranty with a one-year money-back guarantee


  • Somewhat bulky requires a little more space to install
  • Installation might be slightly difficult

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iSpring RCC7U Reverse Osmosis System [UV Sterilizer]

iSpring RCC7U reverse osmosis system with its advanced 11 watt UV sterilization stage is the perfect solution to purifying well water and other water sources containing excessive microorganisms. The unique water flows sensor switch turns the UV unit on and off automatically.

The iSpring RCC7U is one of the best RO systems on the market that provides a nice combination of standard RO process and an Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer to deliver an extra level of protection that guarantees a much safer and cleaner water.

Filtration Process

To start, the RCC7U is based on the iSpring RCC7 model. The filtration process is composed of the standard 5 stages of the RCC7 with the addition of a UV light filter which makes it a 6-stage RO system.

In the first line of defense, we have the three-carbon prefilters which eliminate sediments, particles and contaminants larger than 5 microns. They also remove chlorine, chloramines unpleasant taste, odor as well as other chemicals present in the water.

Then there is the 0.0001-microns RO membrane in the 4th stage which traps more than 1000 known contaminants in water including fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, fertilizers, pesticides and heavy metals. 

The 5th stage is a fine GAC filter which further clears residual contaminants from the water as it leaves the Ro tank.

UV Light Filter

On top of the standard 5-stage filtration process, the iSpring RCC7U features a UV filter in a stainless steel housing which forms the last stage of the system.

Chlorine is used in municipal treatment plants to kill off bacteria and microorganisms. However, the 5-stages of the RO system completely removes all the chlorine present in the water.

The side-effect of this is that the risk of these microorganisms growing back into the RO water as it’s stored in the RO tank or passes through the tubing is increased. This is where the 6th stage of this iSpring RCC7U model comes in handy.

The filter uses an 11W UV sterilization lamp which passes UV rays into the RO water killing up to 99% of all the bacteria, viruses, mold spores, cysts and other microorganisms that are likely to grow in the water.

The combination of this UV filter and the standard RO process makes RCC7U really effective in not only removing contaminants but also dangerous microorganisms that might be present in the water.

Another commendable thing about this filter is that it comes with a smart flow sensor which automatically turns the UV lamp on and off with water flow.

It turns on the UV light immediately it detects flow and turns off again automatically when you turn off the tap. This way it guarantees greater efficiency and saves power in addition to lengthening the service life of the UV lamp.

Filtration Capacity

Same as the RCC7, the RO membrane of the RCC7U model can deliver up to 75 gallons of filtered water per day. Like I mentioned earlier, this is fairly high output for a residential RO system and should be enough to cater to the daily water needs of most households.

The unit also doesn’t generate a lot of wastewater. For every gallon of clean water it produces, about two gallons get wasted and that’s within the range of many under-sink systems you will find on the market.

Installation and Maintenance

Setting up the RCC7U can typically take a few hours but the process is relatively simple since it’s designed for DIY installation with all parts and instruction manual included.

The entire unit will fit easily in most under-sink cabinets. However, you will need to ensure you have a power supply nearby the cabinet for the UV filter. That might be the only challenging part as far as installation is concerned.

To sum it all, the iSpring RCC7U is indeed a wonderful RO system that no doubt guarantees extra quality water. If you use well water or have concerns about the possibility of bacteria in your water, then you might want to consider getting this iSpring RO system. 


  • Removes more than 1000 contaminants in the water
  • UV light filter absolutely kills all microorganisms
  • Smart flow sensor automatically turns the UV lamp on and off
  • A fairly high output of up to 75 gallons of water a day
  • A decent 1:2 pure to wastewater ratio
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty and lifetime support


  • Requires power supply which may make installation under the sink a bit challenging

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iSpring RCC1UP-AK RO System Reviews

iSpring RCC1UP-AK is quite identical to the RCC7AK-UV model above except that it includes a booster pump which the RCC7AK-UV does not have.

In all of iSpring’s RO systems we’ve reviewed, this is the most comprehensive model. It basically has everything you would want in an RO system.

Filtration Process

Similar to the RCC7AK-UV, the iSpring RCC1UP-AK is a 7 stage RO system and it uses the first 5 stages of the RO filtration process to very effectively eliminate all the unwanted impurities in the water including chlorine, odor, and unpleasant tastes.

Alkaline Remineralization Filter

To replenish the lost minerals removed by the RO process, the stage 6 of the RCC1UP-AK makes use of an alkaline remineralization filter which has red mineral stones that add back the healthy natural minerals to the RO water.

The stones add calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium ions to the water which make the water mineral-rich and healthy almost like the spring waters.

Aside from the mineral stones, the filter has calcite media which adjust the pH level of the filtered water bringing it to a more neutral to alkaline level. This, in turn, enhances the taste of the RO water making it much refreshing to drink. 

UV Sterilizer

Stage 7 of the RCC1UP-AK RO system comprises of a UV sterilizer filter which utilizes the powerful iSpring’s 11W UV lamp. The lamp emits strong UV light which penetrates the water to clean off all the organic microorganisms from the water.

This stage is very essential especially if your water is from a well or any other water source that is likely contaminated with germs and microorganisms such as streams and lakes.

The UV lamp is controlled by the iSpring’s smart flow sensor switch and it works flawlessly turning on the UV light automatically when there’s water flow and switching it off when no water is flowing but with around 3 minutes delay.

As I’ve mentioned severally in the other reviews, this sensor is thoughtful addition that ensures the efficiency and durability of the UV lamp plus it helps cap the power consumption.  

Booster Pump

Now, what makes the RCC1UP-AK impressive the most compared to its predecessor, the RCC7AK-UV model is the addition of a booster pump.

Unlike the other previous models, the pump that comes with this RCC1UP-AK system is a new and upgraded version that’s designed to work even more efficiently. The pump is capable of increasing the feed water pressure from as low as 30 psi up to 80 psi.

It ensures that the RCC1UP-AK RO system maintains a more efficient and consistent performance throughout even with variations in source water pressure. This makes the RCC1UP-AK an ideal choice for homes that experience lower water pressure.

Filtration Capacity

The other thing that puts the RCC1UP-AK ahead of the RCC7AK-UV model is its high production capacity. It’s equipped with the same quality RO membrane found in the iSpring RCB3P and RCC1UP models which produces up to 100 gallons of pure water per day.

This high filtration capacity means that the RCC1UP-AK is more than capable of suiting the water demands of families of large families.

Even much better, the booster pump enhances the production speed of the unit which means it will fill the RO tank much faster. It also helps reduce the amount of wastewater generated by the system in comparison to pumpless models. For every gallon of pure water, the system produces only 2 gallons of wastewater which is quite a decent ratio.

Installation and Maintenance

Setting up the RCC1UP-AK may prove a little bit challenging as it a comprehensive RO system. Nonetheless, it does come with everything necessary to install it including a clear instruction manual, so if you are a handy person, it may not pose many challenges.

Maintaining it is not that hard though as it only requires regular cleaning up and changing of the filters every 6 to 12 months for the three prefilters and 1 to 3 years for UV filter and RO membrane. The post-carbon filter and the alkaline filter need changing once every year.

We couldn’t find any serious downside to this unit. However, although the flow sensor switch help minimize power consumption, the fact that both the pump and the UV lamp use electricity will likely raise your power bills but not too high.

To sum it all, the RCC1UP-AK is a perfect option for those who want a more comprehensive RO system that can very effectively deal with all kinds of contaminants and deliver the purest water. It’s especially great for households that often face low water pressure.


  • Effectively removes all contaminants in the water
  • Adds back lost healthy minerals and balances the pH
  • UV sterilizer kills any microorganism lingering in the water
  • Booster pump raises the water pressure to ideal levels
  • High filtration capacity of up to 100 gallons a day
  • Decent 1:2 pure water to wastewater ratio
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee


  • A little bit challenging to install without basic DIY skills Requires electricity which may slightly raise the power cost

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