Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full-Contact Reverse Osmosis System

The Home Master TMAFC reverse osmosis system is a revamp from Home Master’s standard RO systems as it comes with new features that greatly boost its performance.

It’s a quality RO system that effectively filters and remineralizes the source water to produce safe, clean and better-tasting drinking water. This is our top pick under Home Master’s full contact under sink RO systems.

Filtration Process

The TMAFC is an under sink RO system designed to provide a 7-stage filtration process using only three physical filters and a reverse osmosis membrane. This is made possible by the full contact technology which has multiple stages that bring about the 7 phases of filtration.

In the 1st stage is a 5-micron quality sediment pre-filter that traps larger particles that are visible to the naked eye. It removes dust, sand, silt, rust and other particles and sediments that are likely to clog the subsequent filter stages.

The 2nd stage consists of a 5-micron granular activated catalytic carbon pre-filter which is a powerful filtration media that removes most of the chemical contaminants like chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and VOCs. It clears out cloudiness, unpleasant tastes, odor and even persistent disinfectant chemicals like chloramines.

In stage 3 sits a 0.0001-micron RO membrane which removes up to 99% of the remaining contaminants in the water.

This very effective membrane will remove fluoride, nitrates, total dissolved solids, cysts, and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, chromium and many other contaminants that pose potential health effects.

Stage 4/5 is a combination of an artesian remineralization medium and a 5-micron coconut shell granular activated carbon post-filter. Here the RO water is further polished by removing any residual chlorine, VOCs and other chemicals.

The refined RO water is then enhanced by the remineralization medium in the same stage. The medium consists of crushed marbles that restore natural calcium and magnesium minerals to the refined RO water thereby raising its alkalinity level before it’s delivered into the holding tank for storage.

From the RO tank, the water goes through a 6th/7th stage where one last filtration and enhancement is done by the carbon post-filter and the artesian remineralization medium.

This last stage clears out any remaining odor and tastes from the RO tank while giving the water one more small addition of calcium and magnesium minerals before it’s delivered to the faucet.

Full Contact Technology

As I mentioned above, the last four stages of the TMAFC are made possible by Home Master’s patented Full Contact Technology. It’s the top feature that sets apart all of Home Master’s RO systems under its full contact series.

This technology allows the system to circulate the purified water through the artesian and carbon filter twice. Once when moving to the RO tank, and once again when moving from the RO tank to the faucet.

This process of remineralizing the water twice is what makes this TMAFC model and the other Home Master full contact systems more robust compared to most of its competitors.

It restores enough minerals to produce clean, pure water with much better-balanced pH levels of around 7.5 to 8.0. In other words, it will certainly give you a cleaner, mineral-rich drinking water that has a fresh natural taste.  

Moreover, the full contact remineralization technology helps prevent the degradation of the RO storage tank.

The filtered water from the RO membrane is usually slightly acidic and when it sits in the storage tank, it attacks the rubber bladder and even dissolves some of it. This degradation often ends up affecting the taste of the water.

Therefore, the inclusion of the remineralization stage between the RO membrane and the tank is a big plus that not only reduces the acidity of the water but also helps prevent the degradation of RO tank and prolongs its lifespan.

Filtration Capacity

The Home Master TMAFC can deliver up to 50 gallons of pure water a day, so it’s much ideal for small or medium-sized households.

The downside though is that the system is not that efficient as the wastewater produced is a little above the usual standard.

Like the Home Master TM model, the unit generates 4 gallons of wastewater for each gallon of clean water produced. This ratio may, however, vary based on the pressure of the source water. The higher it is, the less water wasted.

Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to installation, the TMAFC won’t give you much trouble as it’s tailored for easy DIY installation. Everything you need to set it up is provided including the installation instructions an installation videos are also available to make the process easier.

Same as all the other Home Master RO systems, the filters media and their housings come in one modular assembly hence filter changes are quick and painless. No wrenches required.

The replacement of stage 1, 2 and 4 filters happens once a year while the membrane requires changing after 3 to 4 years.

Generally, despite the high wastewater rate, this Home Master TMAFC model is a great water filtration system that’s worth every penny.

It’s a solid investment especially for anyone looking for a unit that can provide safe, clean water with balanced alkalinity and a pleasant fresh natural taste.


  • Eliminates up to 99% of all contaminants
  • Full contact technology facilitates optimum remineralization
  • Produces purified pH balanced water that tastes fresh and natural
  • An average production rate of 50 GPD suitable for small families
  • Pre-remineralization stage ensures less storage tank degradation
  • Simple and quick to set up and change filters and membrane
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty


  • Wastes up to 4 gallons of water to produce a gallon of clean water

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Home Master TMAFC-ERP-L Reverse Osmosis System

Designed with the inspiration from the TMAFC-ERP model, the Home Master TMAFC-ERP-L is an efficient and high performing RO system that guarantees to improve the quality and taste of your drinking water.

One of its biggest strength is the high production rate which sets it apart from the other models in Home Master’s full contact systems.

Filtration Process

The TMAFC-ERP-L is loaded with 7 stages of water filtration which is very identical to those of the Home Master TMAFC and TMAFC-ERP models.

The first two stages consist of pre-filters, a sediment filter, and a powerful catalytic carbon filter. These two clear out a good number of contaminants from sediments and particles like silt, sand, dust, and rust to chlorine, VOCs, chloramines, and other common chemicals.

The Home Master Dow Filmtec RO membrane in the 3rd stage removes up to 99% of the remaining contaminants which includes heavy metals like lead and arsenic, microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, chloramine and total dissolved solids as well.

On its way to the RO storage tank, the filtered water goes through the first phase of the Home Master’s full contact technology. The artesian filter at this stage filters the water again and then re-mineralizes it.

It contains coconut shell activated carbon media that clears out any chlorine, chemicals or other contaminants that slip through the previous stages.

It also has crushed marble which re-mineralizes the water by adding health compounds such as magnesium and calcium into the water to reduce its acidity and help prevent RO tank degradation.

When the water travels from the RO tank, it passes through the second phase of the full contact technology which contains the same artesian filter with crushed marbles and coconut shell carbon media.

The filter removes any possible odor and taste picked up from the holding tank and again adds magnesium and calcium minerals into the water.

These two vital minerals help further raise the pH of the water to more balanced levels of between 7.0 and 8.0. The water that you end up drinking is cleaner, fresh and tastes much natural.

Permeate Pump

Included with the TMAFC-ERP-L is a permeate pump which likes in its predecessor is a key component that works to improve the system’s production rate and efficiency.

It will increase the pressure of the water going into the system as well as the speed of the flow of water at the faucet. This will in turn help boost the production rate by almost 50% and also help bring down wastewater generated by up to 80%.

Same as both the TMAFC and the TMAFC-ERP, the unit utilizes larger fittings and tubing, so the flow rate in the system and at the faucet is much faster, about twice as fast compared to many traditional RO systems.

Filtration Capacity and Water Efficiency

The biggest strength of this TMAFC-ERP-L model is none other than the large capacity membrane it comes with. It can produce a maximum of 75 gallons of pure water each day at 77°F temperature and 70 psi pressure.

That’s a sufficient rate to ensure a constant supply of purified water to meet the demands of a big family and even small offices with 4 to 8 people.

The best part is that when the permeate pump is running, the production rate can increase by up to 50%. It’s cable of outputting around 100 gallons of clean drinking water in a day which is incredible.

The other area where this unit shines is in combating wastewater. The permeate pump plays a role here again as it reduces the wastewater the system produces by 80% bringing the wastewater to pure water ratio to 1:1 which is extremely low and the best you can find in the market.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation is pretty straightforward. The package features everything you need to set the system up and the instruction manual provides a clear guideline of the process.

Maintenance won’t either be a problem. The filters have a long life requiring changing just one every year while the membrane can last up to 5 years.

The only downside although not a deal-breaker might be its large size. Otherwise, the whole system is made to high-quality standards and the pump is relatively quiet when running.

All in all, the TMAFC-ERP-L model is one of the best-rounded under-sink RO systems from Home Master and it’s able to deliver great performance. This is totally worth it if you want a high production rate and fresh-tasting drinking water.


  • Effectively removes more than 1000 different contaminants
  • Raises the pH of the water to a neutral level and make it tasty
  • The permeate pump increases production rate and flow rate
  • Can produce up to 100 gallons of purified water in a single day
  • Extremely low wastewater to pure water ration of 1:1
  • Simple to set up and to maintain due to modular filter design
  • The permeate pump doesn’t require electricity to operate
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty


  • A little bit large to fit small kitchen cabinets
  • The upfront cost may be slightly on the higher end

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Home Master TMAFC-ERP Artesian Full Contact RO System

The TMAFC-ERP is another top-quality model in Home Master’s full contact series. It’s an improved version of the TMAFC model above offering some new wonderful upgrades and features. The biggest improvement is the addition of a permeate pump which significantly boosts the unit’s efficiency and puts it ahead of other similar mid-range systems.

Filtration Process

The TMAFC-ERP has got the same 7 stages of filtration as the Home Master TMAFC which includes two high-quality pre-filters, a reverse osmosis membrane, and an additional two remineralization stages.

The 1st stage is fitted with a sediment filter that removes dust, sand, silt, scales, rust and any other particle that’s larger than 5 microns.

The sediment filter is followed by a powerful granular activated catalytic carbon filter in the 2nd stage which takes care of all kinds of chemical contaminants in the water. It clears out chlorine, VOCs, pharmaceuticals as well as chloramines.

In the 3rd stage, we have Home Master’s high-performance Dow Filmtec RO membrane which removes 99% of the remaining contaminants from chemicals to heavy metals to dissolved solids to pharmaceuticals, and many other contaminants like microorganisms.

After the water has been filtered through the RO membrane, it goes through a 4th stage that’s made up of two phases featuring a carbon filter and a remineralization filter.

The carbon filter clears out any residual chlorine and other chemicals while the remineralization filter adds back calcium and magnesium ions into the water to balance its pH level.

This is the first point of the Home Master’s full contact remineralization system and happens before the water is delivered to the RO storage tank.

The second point of remineralization occurs in the 5th stage which is also made up of two phases consisting of a carbon post-filter that helps clear out any odor and tastes picked up from the RO storage tank and a remineralization media that adds small amounts of magnesium and calcium minerals into the water thereby raising the pH level once again.

Like in the Home Master TMAFC model, the first point of remineralization ensures that the water going into the storage tank has a balanced pH to minimize the degradation of the rubber bladder or rather the storage tank itself.

Therefore, the result after the entire process is completed is cleaner mineral water with a much better and fresher taste. The pH value of the final water is around 7.5 to 8.0.

Permeate Pump

Now the major step up to this TMAFC-ERP model from its predecessor, the TMAFC model is the fact that it comes standard with a non-electric permeate pump.

This is a key component that significantly boosts the efficiency of the entire system. It increases the water production rate by almost 50% while at the same time reducing the amount of wastewater generated by up to 80%.

Both of these are really important especially if you are on city water and the incoming pressure is a bit lower than the standard 60 psi. The pump can raise the water pressure from as low as 40 psi but anything below that you will have to get an electric booster pump.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is that with this permeate pump in place, this TMAFC-ERP system will be able to fill the RO tank much faster.

In addition, combined with the larger fittings and tubing that the unit uses, it will absolutely provide a much faster flow rate or water output at the faucet.

You can expect water flows to be about 50% more than that of other ordinary RO systems. Plus the water is also likely to come out slightly cleaner as the pump help eliminate a common condition known as “TDS” creep.

Filtration Capacity and Water Efficiency

The membrane of the TMAFC-ERP is rated to produce around 50 gallons of clean water per day which is the same capacity as the Home Master TMAFC model.

However, with the pump running, its typical output can get closer to 75 GPD. Thereby, if you have a medium-sized family and need a relatively high production rate, this unit will serve you well.

In terms of efficiency, the TMAFC-ERP is no doubt one of the most efficient RO systems out there. This is due to the included permeate pump which helps to both increase efficiency of the system and drastically reduces wastewater production.

Approximately one gallon of water is wasted for every gallon of purified water created. Compared to the average 2:1 and 3:1 ratio of most under sink RO systems in the market, this TMAFC-ERP will definitely keep your water costs low.

The ratio may vary a little depending on your incoming water pressure, but overall if you after an RO system that can help preserve water, then TMAFC-ERP is one reliable option.

Installation and Maintenance

Anyone with basic DIY skills can easily install this unit within an hour or two. The full installation instruction manual is provided and clearly outlines all the steps to install this unit. Home Master has as well made aa several videos that cover the whole installation process. 

The filters and the membrane are long-lasting too and feature the Home Master’s modular design, so maintenance and filter changes will be quick and easy. The four filter cartridges need replacing once every 12 months and the membrane once every 3 to 5 years.

There’s no noise produced either by the pump during operation. It’s extremely quiet with the only noise you are likely to hear is a slight whoosh sound. Furthermore, the pump does not require electricity to do its job.

When you consider all the wonderful and thoughtful additions coupled up with the advanced water filtration technology, it’s only fair to conclude that the Home Master TMAFC-ERP model offers nothing but value for money. If wastewater and pressure is a concern, then this a unit you should consider.


  • Clears all the common and stubborn contaminants
  • Produces a fresher, natural tasting water with balanced pH value
  • Permeate pump increases system efficiency and output rate at the faucet
  • Offers the best wastewater to pure water ratio of 1:1
  • Can deliver more than 50 gallons of clean water a day
  • Designed for easy DIY installation within one or two hours
  • Durable filters with modular design for easy maintenance
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty


  • The unit may take a bit more space in your under-sink cabinet

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