Captain Eco Shower Head Filter Reviews

The 10-Stage Shower Filter from Captain Eco is a powerful water filtration system built to remove all unhealthy substances that may be in your water supply.

It comes in a highly shiny chrome exterior that is rustproof and durable. Inside, it is equipped with a myriad of filter media which include activated carbon, KDF-55, Biocera ceramic balls, polypropylene cotton, calcium sulfite, and Maifan balls.

The ceramic balls are for specifically removing heavy metals, and the polypropylene cotton filter increases the surface area for filtration by 3-8 times more than standard filters. With this device providing your showers, even your breathing will improve considerably. It removes bad odor and inhibits the growth of algae and fungi.

The Captain Eco shower water filter is able to remove all sorts of impurities from both hot and cold water. These include chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), heavy metals and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). The filter is not designed to completely remove fluoride, but it helps reduce a good percentage of it from the water.

According to Captain Eco, each filter cartridge from this filter is capable of cleaning up to 12,000 gallons of water, which roughly translates to 6-8 months of shower time. It comes with two extra cartridges to ensure customers get as much shower time as possible before they have to think of a replacement.

The unit is fairly easy to install and comes with Teflon tape to prevent leakages. In case you do not like the product, the company offers a 120% money-back guarantee. That’s right, they will refund for the package, including shipping and offer you a 20% credit on their site.


  • Improves water quality.
  • Comes with two extra filters.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Lowers water pressure

Product Overview

ProductCaptain Eco Shower Head Filter Reviews
BrandCaptain Eco
Rating4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) (More than 631 reviews)
Recommended price34.85 USD (Check the latest price at

Product Specification

TypeInline shower filter
FunctionKDF 55
RemovalRemoves 99% Chlorine
Filter elementsMulti-Stage
MaterialChrome ABS
Flow rateN/A
Dimensions7.8 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches
Weight1.35 pounds

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Captain Eco Shower Head Filter Reviews
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