18 Best Water Cooler Dispenser [Bottled, Bottleless, Countertop]

This is the ultimate review of Top 18 best water cooler dispensers for home and office.

Select the types of water dispensers that you want to read the reviews.

(The water filter dispensers are also top sellers in the U.S. market this year 2019)


Water Filter Pitchers [Top 13]

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In the next section, we look at our top picks based on different dispenser types available in the market.

Free-Standing Water Dispenser

What is a free-standing water dispenser?

A free-standing dispenser is one that can be placed anywhere on the floor. Water bottles are loaded onto it from the bottom or top, hence the name bottom load and top load dispensers respectively.

Bottleless free-standing water dispensers can be filled with tap water that goes through filtration for an endless supply of clean drinking water.

How does it work?

Freestanding dispensers are the most common types available as they have been around the longest. They are easy to operate and require little to no maintenance.

For top load dispensers, a 3-gallon or 5-gallon water bottle is placed on top of the unit which then drains to the reservoir below. A top load water dispenser has a bottle spike at the top that punctures the cap of the bottle to drain water while minimizing spillage.

The mechanism is the same for bottom load dispensers, only the water bottle is placed in a cabinet below the unit. It has a nozzle that fits on the top of the bottle and is activated automatically to pump water from into the reservoir.

Once in the reservoir, cooling begins using a refrigerant. Free-standing water dispensers were originally made to dispense cold water with recent designs incorporating a heating element for instant hot water.

Bottleless free-standing dispensers, on the other hand, are connected to a water supply. It has a filtration system that purifies tap water before it gets to the reservoir.

The reservoir is refilled from the water supply or bottle every time you dispense water. Most water dispensers are compatible with 3 to 5-gallon water bottles. Bottom load dispensers are therefore generally preferred over top load dispensers due to the cumbersome weight of a full water bottle.

Who will need it?

Free-standing water dispensers are made for convenience. Bottom and top load dispensers are perfect for offices and spaces in your home that may be too far from a water supply line. It is a reliable source of clean drinking water whenever and wherever you need it.

There are free-standing dispensers that allow you to dispense water at your desired temperature. This is not only convenient for drinking water but also saves time when making beverages and soups. We could all use some spare time and a water dispenser can surely afford you some.

Water dispensers also minimize water contamination as it is not exposed to elements or people. Below are our favorite picks based on different categories.

1. Best Bottled Top Load Water Dispenser – Avalon A1 Review

The Avalon A1 water cooler dispenser is made by a popular brand and fits in most spaces whether at the office, at home or in your business establishment. It fits 3 and 5-gallon water bottles and discharges instant hot or cold water.

It makes water cold using a highly efficient compressor so you do not need ice cubes. This unit dispenses ice-cold water at about 47°F, the right temperature for cool refreshments on a sunny day.

It has a hot water spout and can dispense hot water that is approximately 185°F. This temperature is high enough for you to make instant hot beverages and soups.

The Avalon A1 water dispenser has a cool stainless-steel finish and a compact design. To dispense water, you simply press your cup against the cold and hot paddle spouts, which is easy in case your hands are full.

This water dispenser works silently and fast to save you time. It is UL certified with a child safety lock on the hot water spout that keeps kids safe from burn accidents. Finally, it is a top-loading dispenser which means that you can easily tell when you are about to run out and need to get a new water bottle.


  • Easy to use.
  • Cool and compact design.
  • Professional grade dispenser


  • Spillage after long-term use.

2. Brio Essential Series – Model CLTL420

The Brio CLTL420 is a free-standing dispenser that is easy to use and requires no maintenance. It is a top-loading dispenser so there is no need for a low rate indicator whenever you are running out of water.

It dispenses hot and cold water and can fit a 3 or 5-gallon water bottle. It has a highly efficient compressor for ice-cold water and is built to provide consistently high performance. The hot water discharge is hot enough to make an instant beverage.

The Brio water dispenser comes with an in-built child safety lock that ensures children do not turn on the unit and splash scalding water on themselves.

This unit is made from durable and ABS plastic that does not corrode. Its hot and cold stainless-steel reservoirs keep water cooler for longer and safe from contaminants.

Brio offers a neat and mess-free solution in the way the top is designed. The nozzle of the bottle will fit snugly and there is a detachable drip tray to catch spills and keep your water dispenser sanitary.


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Fits just about anywhere.
  • Commercial-grade performance.


  • No information from the company.

3. The Best Bottled Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser – Primo Stainless-Steel Self-Sanitizing

Primo aims to deliver a perfect mix of functionality and beautiful design in this unit and we are here for it. It is filled with healthy minerals that improve your health and the taste of your water.

The Primo water unit dispenses hot, ice-cold and cool water. It is easy to use with only the push of a button and has a child safety feature to prevent any accidents.

As the name suggests, the Primo bottom-load dispenser is self-cleaning. It has stainless steel water reservoirs that are lined with a harmless ozone layer. The water lines in the unit have the same protection layer which prevents mold and germs from growing and polluting your drinking water.

This is a bottom load water dispenser that is easy to maintain. There is no heavy lifting required and the concealed cabinet gives off a more polished look. It can fit a 3 0r 5-gallon water bottle and has a removable drip tray for easy cleanup.

Usually, it comes with Primo coupons that encourage you to buy filtered Primo water.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Three water options.
  • Works silently.


  • Buttons feel cheap.

4. Brio Essential Series Bottom Load Water Cooler

The Brio Essential Series is one of the most popular dispensers available. This is because it delivers on all features at an affordable rate. Brio’s bottom load dispensers give a minimalistic vibe and this does not disappoint. It is elegantly designed to fit modern kitchens with no heavy lifting, as in top-load coolers.

This bottom load water dispenser from Brio Essential Series has three temperature settings; cold, hot and room temperature. This increases its usability compared to other models that only dispense boiling hot and ice-cold water.

For families with children who cannot seem to get them away from their unit, you do not worry for their safety. A two-step handle acts like a child lock safety on the hot water faucet to prevent accidents. Additionally, this unit can be locked whenever it is out of use to avoid wastage.

It is the little things that matter and Brio paid attention to every detail for maximum usability. An LED indicator light warns you when you are about to run low on water, and a rust-free drip tray catches any last drops of water dripping once you refill your glass.

It has an Energy Star Certification for low consumption and is compatible with either 3 or 5-gallon water bottles that you may already be using.


  • Stylish design.
  • Affordable.


  • Defective LED indicator.

5. The Best Bottleless Water Filter Dispenser – Avalon A5 Bottleless Water Cooler

You can practically make any drink, cold or hot with the Avalon A5 bottleless water dispenser. It is one of the most advanced systems in the market and comes in a clean stainless-steel finish that is sleek and durable. Additionally, the cabinet on this unit is larger than most on the list, so let’s dive in!

The three water options on the Avalon A5 dispenser let you have an easy experience when in need of instant hot, ice-cold or cool water. It has push-button spouts that are convenient with 3.6 and 1-gallon tanks that hold cold and hot water respectively.

The Avalon A5 water dispenser is bottleless and easily be connects to your plumbing system. Water is pumped from your main supply and piped into the water dispenser. It is then filtered to eliminate contaminants such as chlorine, sediment, and lead.

The Avalon, NSF-certified carbon block and sediment filters have a lifespan of six months and effective and automatic self-cleaning technology.

With the press of a switch, ozone is pumped through the machine to sterilize it against harmful germs and lengthens the water dispenser’s durability. It has an in-built leak detector that monitors your water flow rate from your water supply to the cooler.

Ever had to get a glass of water at night and cannot seem to find the spout? This unit has a nightlight that improves visibility at night and an LED indicator that notifies you when you need to replace your filters.

Lastly, the Avalon A5 is Energy Star certified and has a child lock feature on the hot water spout so it is safe for children


  • Easy to install.
  • Sleek design.
  • Bottleless.


  • Noisy.
  • Filter system inefficient.

6. Drinkpod Limited Edition Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

The Drinkpod bottleless water cooler is an innovatively designed water dispenser that performs well and adds a flare to your kitchen décor. It has a commercial-grade stainless steel finish that is durable and easy to use features that will enrich your experience at home.

It has a 4-stage purification system that turns your regular tap water into clean, potable water.  The first stage of filtration removes large sediments, while the second filter absorbs chemical contaminants such as chlorine, lead, and foul smell.

Water goes through an ultrafiltration membrane that removes disease-causing micro-organisms. In the final stage, a carbon filter to removes nonpolar contaminants and leave the water with a fresh, crisp taste and smell.

The Drinkpod bottleless water dispenser’s installation kit and manual are easy to use and follow respectively. It has replaceable filters that last 6 to 12 months, and can directly be connected to your kitchen’s water supply.

Enjoy three temperature options for instant ice-cold cool or hot water. The hot water faucet has a child safety lock so you do not have to worry about kids left unattended around the water dispenser.


  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Magnetic compartment door.


  • Requires filters.

Tabletop Water Dispensers

What is a tabletop water dispenser?

A tabletop water dispenser is a practical solution for easy access to drinking water. They are water dispensers that minimize small spaces and can fit on a table or counter space.

How does it work?

Countertop water dispensers are generally small in size compared to other types of water coolers available. Some come with an in-built filtration system and connect directly to your water supply line. Other models require you to load pre-filled water bottles onto the dispensing unit and therefore has no built-in filter.

Who will need it?

They come with the latest filtration technologies that promote health and keep you safe from toxic water pollutants. Countertop water dispensers encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing easy access to clean water that tastes great.

It is a portable unit which is great for renters and business who may not want to have a permanent alternative. Countertop water dispensers take up very little space making it convenient where the room is tight.

Below are countertop dispensers that get the job done and are affordable for the average household.

7. The Best Counter Top Bottled Water Dispenser – Avalon Premium Countertop Water Cooler

The Avalon Premium top loading water cooler is designed to save space in any room whether at the office, a commercial space or at home.  It has a cool look and delivers on overall functionality.

Cool refreshments and instant hot water are readily accessible with the Avalon water cooler. To dispense water, simply press your glass against the paddle. It has three temperature settings; cold, hot and ambient.

Since this is a top-loading dispenser, you do not need any indicator to let you know when your water supply is running low. Kids are attracted to anything with buttons, so with that in mind, a child safety lock is on the hot water paddle to ensure there are no accidents.

Avalon Premium top loading water dispenser has a small sleek design and a large dispensing area that can fit cups and bottle up to 7 inches tall. It is light and compatible with standard 3- and 5-gallon water bottles.

The Avalon Premium countertop dispenser saves time when you need a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa since it discharges hot water instantly.


  • Has a carry-on handle.
  • Durable.
  • Has a modern look.


  • Consumes more power.

8. The Best Bottleless Water Filter Dispenser (mini dispenser with filter) – Avalon Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler

A drink can be at hand in no time, however, you like it, with the Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning cooler. It is well-built stainless steel and a black unit that will fit seamlessly in your kitchen without taking too much space.

Water safety is important to us and our families. Avalon countertop self-cleaning countertop cooler comes with a water line that is connected to your main water pipes. Water flows through the pipe, then it is pumped through a carbon block filter that eliminates chlorine and other contaminants.

Lastly, a sediment filter removes large particulates such as rust and sand. Both filters have a lifespan of 6 months which is cost-efficient and less cumbersome to replace compared to bottle load water coolers.

Avalon bottleless countertop water dispenser has ice-cold and hot water options. Boiling water is dangerous where kids are involved so this comes with a child lock safety on the hot water faucet. An ozone function automatically cleans your tank at the press of a button so you do not have to worry about germs growing in your unit.

There is an indicator for when you need to replace your filter and a nightlight so it is visible at night. It is really easy to set up and measures 12x12x19 inches, which is a small footprint.


  • Clear installation manual.
  • Works silently.
  • The night light is effective.


  • Slows water flow rate.

9. Comfee Countertop Mini Water Cooler Dispenser

The Comfee mini water cooler is made to just the right size that it sits on your countertop without cramming your kitchen. It is a stylish water cooler that ensures you have a cold glass of purified, delicious water at hand.

Comfee countertop water cooler purifies your municipal water using a two-stage filter system. A PP filter removes sediments and a carbon filter eliminates water contaminants such as bad odors and chlorine. This improves the quality of your water and ensures it is safe.

This unit has two temperature settings; room and cold. It performs well and guarantees quality service as per its UL certification.  The touch control on this countertop dispenser is innovative and easy to use. It requires low maintenance and filters 3,000 liters before it needs a filter replacement.


  • Affordable.
  • Occupies very little space.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Only two temperature settings.
  • The compressor produces noise.

10. Best 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser – Brita Extra Large 18 Cup Filtered Water Dispenser

Brita is a trusted brand that has come up with a small water dispenser and filter but has a large capacity of 18 cups. This is enough to serve a group of five people which is impressive for its size.

To set it up, fit the filter into the reservoir then fill it water, it is as easy as that.

This is a small and light water dispenser that can fit on most countertops without taking too much space. It is really easy to use and has a top lid that you flip to refill. It saves you a lot of money otherwise spent on water bottles and also saves the environment from plastic.

The Brita filter is made from BPA free materials and is WQA certifies to eliminate 99% lead, asbestos, chlorine, and other harmful water contaminants.

It has a lifespan of 120 gallons that is approximately 6 months.


  • Improve the taste of water.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Cost-efficient.


  • Cheap construction.
  • Water filters slowly.

11. PUR 18-Cup Water Filter Dispenser Review

Water is an important resource for all body function. The PUR 18-cup dispenser is an affordable way to turn regular tap water into delicious, freshwater that is free of contaminants.

PUR 18-cup dispenser has a high-quality filter that can eliminate 22 water contaminants including chlorine, bad odor and 96% of mercury. It can filter 40 gallons of water before it needs a filter replacement.

It removes contaminants using its stellar MAXION technology by PUR which is a combination of an ion exchange system and carbon filter that is effective for clean, purified water.

The PUR water dispenser housing is made from BPA free material that is non-toxic and will save you more than $1,000 worth of bottled water.

PUR has been providing water filtration solutions for over 30 years and they deliver on this compact filter that easily fits in your fridge.


  • Heavy-duty performance.
  • Spout easily comes out and retracts.
  • Large water capacity.


  • Flimsy handle.

12. Best 3-Gallon Plastic Water Dispenser – Arrow Home Products 00756

Arrow Home Products water dispenser is a unit that sits really pretty on your countertop and also fits in your refrigerator. It is a small space-saving dispenser that is made in the USA.

The Arrow Home Products water dispenser has a beautiful wave pattern and is made from BPA free material. This is durable, stain-resistant and has two carry handles that make it easily portable.

It is easy to refill or add ice cubes and has two water flow rate settings; slow and quick that is regulated by lifting the lid and loosening a valve. It can easily double up as a beverage or drink holder for example, when hosting brunch.


  • Affordable.
  • Stylish design.
  • Large top opening.


  • Hard to clean the handle.
  • Cheap construction material.

Glass Water Dispensers

Glass water dispensers are vital in the home for easy access to water and serve as beautiful beverage dispensers. Unlike other water dispensers, ones made of glass trade volume for convenience and style. It functions just like your regular dispenser but makes dispensing beverages a lot easier.

They are small and portable which is ideal for summer and sporting events. They come in all shapes and sizes and fit in just about anywhere without being an eyesore.

13. ZeroWater 40 Cup Ready-Pour Glass Dispenser

The ZeroWater glass dispenser is an elegant water filter with a metal lid that can fill 40 cups with clean and purified drinking water. It is mess-free with a leakproof discharger spout and is great for parties, gatherings at the office or regular home use.

ZeroWater is a trusted brand that is certified to filter water twice as fast as other brands in the market. It has a five-stage filtration system that combines carbon filter technology and an ion exchange filtration system so you have clean, safe water whenever you need it.

The first and second stages of filtration remove suspended solids in your water so it is clear in your glass. Totally dissolved solids in your water such as herbicides and heavy metals are removed at the third and fourth stages by the ion exchange system.

Resin is placed in the fifth compartment of the filter to further remove any sediments. The ZeroWater 40-Cup glass dispenser stops harmful micro-organisms from growing and is NSF certified to remove chlorine and fluoride.

ZeroWater ready to pour dispenser has an elegant design that adds to any room’s décor. It is made of glass and all the plastic parts are BPA free. It only weighs 9.2 pounds and has a quality meter that lets you test the quality of your water.


  • Filters well water.
  • Classy and stylish glass design.
  • Delivers on an excellent performance.


  • Poor spigot design.

Automatic Water Dispenser

Refillable water jugs with over 3-gallon capacity are heavy and messy when you try to directly fill your cup. Automatic water bottle dispensers solve this issue whether you need water indoors or outdoors for example when hiking, camping or traveling.

They pump water from 2 to 6-gallon water bottles into your cup reducing wastage from spills. They have evolved from manual pumps to recent electronic designs that require batteries and are easier to use.

14. Best Auto Water Bottle Dispenser – Tissaj 5 Gallon

This water bottle dispenser is convenient when you need easy access to drinking water. It has an automatic push-button that dispenses water after a 3-second press. It makes it easy to fill up your cup when your hands are full and can be used in lots of spaces, for example, homes, offices, and hospitals.

The automatic water dispenser pump fits any regular brand of water bottle that has a 55mm cap.  Its body is made from durable ABS material with an FDA approved silicone tube that connects the dispenser to the water bottle. This unit cannot be submerged in water so you can only clean it with a wet cloth.

It has a cool chrome finish and uses a rechargeable lithium battery that can run for two continuous hours. Its compact design is portable making it convenient for use outdoors with no messy leaks or spills.


  • No installation required.
  • Efficient water discharge.
  • Easy to use.


  • Water bottle easily topples over.
  • Flimsy off-button.

15. Myvision Water Bottle Pump

Myvision automatic water pump is a long way from old, manual pumps. It works at the push of a button and performs just as well as a freestanding water dispenser. It is easy to use with very low maintenance but provides reliable service.

This pump is built to fit most 3-6-gallon water bottles with a 55mm neck. It fits easy without prying the lid of your water bottle and is leakproof. The Urdonda housing unit is made from safe food-grade plastic that is safe for your health.

When fully charged, the 1800mAh battery can pump 30 to 35 gallons of water which is around three continuous hours. This lasts 30 to 40 days while outdoors and is simple enough for people of all ages to use. When you press the push button, water is automatically pumped out and flow is cut at 600ml to avoid continuous spillage when unattended.


  • It is electronic.
  • Pumps water fast.


  • Noisy.
  • Drips after use.

Ice Maker & Water Dispenser

Filling and emptying ice trays in your refrigerator is tedious and inconvenient. An ice water dispenser acts as a water cooler and also makes ice. It is portable and can be placed in your fridge for instant ice cubes on the go.

It makes ice demands at a party or the office easier as it replenishes fast and can keep up a higher pace than your refrigerator.

16. NutriChef PICEM75.5 Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser

Whether you are lounging at home or at a party, chilled drinks and beverages are refreshing for you and your guests. The NutriChef PICEM75.5 ice maker dispenser is convenient whenever you need more ice than your refrigerator can make.

NutriChef ice maker dispenser is simply installed by connecting it directly to your water supply line. It has an efficient freezing element that makes large ice cubes for water coolers and small-sized ice-cube for beverages.

It is easy to use. At the press of a button, this unit makes ice in 9 minutes which is efficient in case you run out. It can make up to 33 lbs. per day, enough to keep the party going and refill a number of ice buckets.

It has a 1.8L water reservoir and 600g ice storage unit. It’s silver finish is stylish and it is portable for you can bring it along whenever you travel.


  • LCD display monitor.
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Durable ABS housing


  • The silicone tray is not rigid.
  • Truncated pyramid ice-cube shape.

17. DELLA 2 in 1 Water Dispenser w/Built-in Ice Maker Machine

The Della 2 in 1 water cooler is a freestanding dispenser that can be placed anywhere at home or at the office. It has a super sleek design and works more efficiently than other models in the market. It costs a little over $100 but works like a professional-grade unit.

This dispenser serves two functions; a cooler and ice maker. The built-in ice maker does not require water tubing and produces up to 27 lbs. of ice on demand. It can make large and small ice cubes in under 7 minutes, which is more reliable than your refrigerator.

It is a top-loading dispenser with a white beautiful finish that goes well with most kitchen and office spaces. It fit 3- or 5-gallon water bottles and has cold and hot water settings with a child safety feature to prevent burn accidents.


  • Effective and affordable.
  • Ready to use.


  • Ice clumps in the cooler.
  • 90-day warranty.
  • Noisy.

Ceramic Water Dispenser

Ceramic water dispensers are loved for the vintage charm they add to any space. It is made from porcelain that is free of toxins and is small enough to fit in tight spaces. It discharges water at room temperature which does not require any electricity or operation cost. They are durable and convenient water point access.

18. Primo Porcelain Water Dispenser

The Primo porcelain dispenser is a quick solution to an accessible source of room-temperature water. It fits 3 0r 5-gallon water bottles though Primo recommends their own purified water that can be refilled at any of their stations. Primo offers free coupons with the purchase of this unit for water that is contaminant free and filtered through a multi-stage reverse osmosis water system.

Primo porcelain dispenser does not require any installation. Load your bottle, and simply push the tab to fill your glass. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and does not require electricity. This makes it portable and comes with a stand that can fit just about anywhere.

Its crock-style design is chic, practical and durable for any spot in your office or home.


  • Small and compact design.
  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality spigot.


  • Reported leaks.


13 Best Water Filter Pitchers

14 Best Faucet Mount Water Filters

Buyer’s Guide

(How To Find Your Best Water Dispenser?)

Now that you know a bit more about water dispensers, here is a buying guide that will help you determine what is best for you. Besides the type, there are additional factors to consider to ensure you make the best purchase.

Type of water filter.

As in the above review, there are two main types of the water dispenser are free-standing and countertop With some variation like top load, bottom load, hot & cold & ice… The type of filter determines the price, ease of use and also the amount of space you need.

Bottom load dispensers are easy on your back and offer a clean look as the bottle is hidden away. Top load dispensers are cumbersome but are considerably cheaper compared to bottom load dispensers.

Countertop dispensers take the least space while bottleless ones provide unlimited access to freshwater. Whichever type you choose, ensure it serves you and suits your needs.


The higher the capacity of your unit, the fewer times you will have to replace your water bottle. Water dispensers in the office are bound to run out faster than that in a small household since more people use it. For a small household, it is easier to compromise on the capacity for other advanced features, such as filtration.

Ease of use

A water dispenser is a product you use several times a day and so it should be convenient to operate, even for kids. It should have a decent flow rate and there are those that are self-cleaning. This makes maintenance and cleaning painless in the long run.


Kids gravitate towards anything that has lights or buttons and this is why a safety lock is important. It is a precaution against accidents especially if your dispenser has a hot water option. It is also handy for old people, for example, in a nursing home.


A water dispenser is meant to last you a long while so the quality of its construction materials matters. It should be durable and designed to fit a space you already designated in your house.


A water dispenser is a large purchase so ensure you get good value for your money. You should always weigh the overall performance of the water dispenser you like against how much you can spend, to cut your shopping list down.

Added features such as temperature options influence the price of a unit so ensure to set your priorities before going shopping. Another factor to include in your budget is power consumption as this will be a running cost.


In the above review, we have made it as detailed as possible so you do not fall short options. Every water dispenser listed above provides a solution that caters to a limited water supply for ever day use. We hope this helps you choose one that will serve you at home or at the office according to your needs, use, and budget.

What Is A Water Dispenser?

A water dispenser is a device that metes out water and consists of a main tank and faucet. There are different kind of dispensers available though they work under similar principles. A water dispenser may come with additional settings such as hot or cold water on demand.

How Does It Work?

A water dispenser is made up of three components.

Water is fed into the dispenser for example, from an inverted water bottle. A valve controls the amount of water flowing into the dispenser that is then passed into a reservoir.

A water cooler dispenser has a built-in refrigerant, it is a cooling medium circulated in pipes and it cools water in the reservoir. It has a high capacity to absorb heat from the water in its gaseous state. A compressor unit in the dispenser changes the refrigerant from liquid to gas, using pressure with the heat absorbed driven out of the dispenser.

This is a repeating cycle for as long as there is water in the reservoir.

Who Will Need It?

Water dispensers started out as an office favorite. It is an easy access point for clients and employees to get water without having to take long breaks to the store.

There are water dispensers that come with a filter. This is convenient for people that cannot drink water straight from the tap either due to heavy chlorination or other contaminants in the water. These kinds of dispensers offer pure and tasteless water at no extra cost.

Water dispensers that have hot water setting on demand are fast and convenient for making hot beverages. It is also cost-efficient as you use it when you need it.

Whatever the reason, water dispensers actually improve your lifestyle.


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Free-Standing Water Dispensers

Best Bottled Top Load – Avalon A1

Runner Up – Brio Essential Series [Model CLTL420]

Best Bottled Bottom Load – Primo Stainless-Steel Self-Sanitizing

Runner Up – Brio Essential Series [Bottom Load]

Best Bottleless – Avalon A5

Runner Up – Drinkpod Limited Edition

Tabletop Water Dispensers

Best Countertop Bottled – Avalon Premium

Best Countertop Bottleless – Avalon Countertop Bottleless

Runner Up – Comfee Countertop Mini Water Dispenser

Best 18 Cup Water Filter Dispenser – Brita Extra Large 18 Cup

Runner Up – PUR 18-Cup

Best 3-Gallon Plastic Water Dispenser – Arrow Home Products 00756

Best Glass Water Dispensers – ZeroWater 40 Cup

Best Automatic Water Dispenser – Refillable Water Jug

Runner Up – Urdonda Water Bottle Pump

Best Ice Water Dispenser – NutriChef PICEM75.5

Runner Up – DELLA 2 in 1

Best Ceramic Water Dispenser – Primo Porcelain

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