Aquasana EQ-1000 Water Filter Reviews

The Aquasana EQ-1000 is no doubt a premium whole house water filtration system. If you are looking for a complete, well-rounded system that can solve all possible problems with your water, this is it.

One of the top highlights of this model is the strong, long-lasting filtering cylinder. The main filter has a whopping 1 million gallons of filtering capacity. This is arguably one of the best capacities you can find out there. It can comfortably last for 10 years before you can think of changing it.

The system utilizes a three-stage filtration process which ensures that the water entering your house is thoroughly filtered. The first stage is a 5-micron pre-filter which gets rid of all particles and sediments that are above 5 microns including dirt, rust, and microscopic particulates.

The main filter in stage two is a combination of copper-zinc oxidation media with crushed mineral stones. Together, they help to remove water-soluble heavy metals and other contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, algae, and even bacteria.

The filter also helps reduce chlorine and acts too like an alkaline filter to ensure the pH of the water is balanced. This means you get water that’s alkaline which is healthier for the body than the low pH, acidic water.

Stage three is the post-filter which is a 0.35-micron carbon filter. A filter with such pore size is quite an impressive addition to a whole house filtration system. It makes a huge difference to the quality of water you get as it further helps remove organic particles as well as microscopic cysts.

The carbon filter is also effective at absorbing chlorine from water and as such it will help cut down even more chlorine in the water. Together with the main filter, the system will remove up to 97% of chlorine in the water that enters your household.

The unit works as a water softener as well and it’s salt-free. It will help remove salt residues that tend to build up in most internal pipes of filtration systems. It’s much better than softeners that use salt since they tend to add some salty taste to the water.

The filtration process ends with a UV starlight filtration stage and this is another very useful addition as it brings the water to a higher level of safety. It’s a stage that helps kill up to 99.99% of harmful pathogens that might be in the water, so you are guaranteed total protection from viruses and bacteria.

The system is designed to last 10 years or more depending on the amount of water you consume in your house. If you have a larger family, then the lifespan will be altered accordingly.

One advantage though is that it comes with a full installation kit, so you wouldn’t have to worry about leaks and faulty leaks. However, you might need a professional plumber to handle the installation as it can get quite messy if you don’t know what you are doing.

The system requires no back-flushing, so no worrying about cleaning it either and the only maintenance needed would probably replacing the pre-filter and post-filter. They have a lifespan of 36 to 12 months hence they will need to be replaced once in a while.

The only downside with the Aquasana EQ-1000 is that it has a flow rate of 7 GPM. That’s a bit low and may not be sufficient if you have a large house.


  • Effective, well-rounded filtration system
  • Has no backflushing hence reduces water wastage
  • Very effective in removing chlorine as well as other chemicals
  • Kills germ, bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Long filter life


  • You may need a professional plumber to assist you with the installation

Our Verdict

The quality and efficiency of the filtration system of this Aquasana unit are very impressive. It will clear all the harmful contaminants from the water and filter out almost all chlorine. In short, it will deliver a highly purified water compared to the other units.

For those looking for a comprehensive system that can take of any kind of contaminant in the water, then this is an option you might want to consider.

Product Overview

ProductAquasana EQ-1000 Water Filter Reviews
Rating3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5) (More than 228 reviews)
Recommended price882.00 USD (Check the latest price at

Product Specification

Stages3 Stages
Filters1st Stage: Sediment Filter
2nd Stage: Activated Carbon Block Filter
3rd Stage: Post Filter
Flow rate7 GPM
Capacity1,000,000 gallons
PressureMin: 45 PSI
Max: 80 PSI
Dimensions9 x 46 x 44 inches
Weight44.5 pounds

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Aquasana EQ-1000 Water Filter Reviews
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