Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter Reviews

The Aquasana AQ-4105 shower filter is designed to focus on removing chlorine and other impurities from your water, for healthier hair, skin, nails and easier breathing.

Apart from removing more than 87% chlorine, the KDF-55 (copper-zinc mixture) and activated carbon filtration systems also decrease chloramine and levels of other chemicals. These include VOCs such as pesticides and herbicides, mercury, lead, iron, and hydrogen sulfide (which causes bad odor).

The package includes a massaging handheld wand and extra filters supposed to last you up to six months. The 5-foot handheld wand makes it easy to clean kids and pets without it getting in the way. They can also be variably adjustable from “spray” to “massage” mode.

The AQ-A105 shower filter is easy to install, maintain, and replace. All you need to is to simply attach it to your existing shower line. Remember to run the water through the filter until the water turns clear. It may be black during first use as it cycles out the carbon.


  • Installation is a breeze.
  • 100% BPA-free.
  • Ideal for tall.


  • The filters are prone to clogging
  • The attached hose is quite stiff and difficult to maneuver

Product Overview

ProductAquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter Reviews
Rating3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5) (More than 419 reviews)
Recommended price62.99 USD (Check the latest price at

Product Specification

TypeInline handheld shower filter
FunctionWith Handheld Wand
RemovalReduced harmful chemicals
Filter elements2-Stage with KDF 55 media
Flow rate2.5 GPM
Dimensions9.1 x 3.9 x 7.1 inches
Weight2.2 pounds

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Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter Reviews
Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter 2 stages
Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter performance
Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter ultimate experience
Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower head Filter easy to install

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