APEC Water FUTURA-10 Water Conditioner Reviews

APEC Water Systems enjoys a high reputation in the industry for making water systems that are specially tailored for performance, durability, and reliability. These include the whole house salt-free water softeners and the FUTURA-10 water conditioner system is one of them.

It’s amongst the most robust salt-free water softeners on the market with an excellent softening capability. The unit comes as a water conditioning system only, but APEC offers two other similar models in the same category that are equipped with extra filters.

There’s the APEC WH-SOLUTION-MAX10 which is at two-stage whole house water system and the APEC WH-SOLUTION-10 which is a three-stage system.  

With that in mind, we will analyze the key features of this APEC FUTURA-10 model and also highlight the complementary filters that the two other options come with to give you a better comparison of the three models.

Softening Capability

The FUTURA 10 employs a salt-free water softening approach using advanced ceramic media that provides an all-natural solution to scale prevention and reduction.

When water from the main supply line comes into contact with the surface of the media, the minerals that cause hardness, calcium (CaCO3) and magnesium, get attracted and attached to the ceramic granules where they become converted into a crystalline form.

In this crystal stage, the minerals are harmless, neutral and completely stable hence are unable to attach to any surfaces such as pipes. When the crystals become too big in the range of nanometers, they detach from the granules and then get carried away as the water flows through the system.

This advanced ceramic media can remove water hardness by as much as 25 GPG and it will also effectively reduce the existing scale already in your plumbing system and fixtures like water heaters and showerheads.

It will neutralize the hard water properties without removing the minerals which is another benefit if you prefer taking water that contains natural essential minerals like magnesium and calcium. Another advantage is that the catalytic ceramic granules are not consumed during the conversion process, so it can last for a very long period.

There are no additional filtration stages in this FUTURA-10 model but as I mentioned earlier APEC Water Systems has two other options under this category that come with extra filters.

The APEC WH-SOLUTION-MAX10 is one of them and it’s a two-stage whole house water system featuring a catalytic granular activated carbon filtration system in the 1st stage for removing chlorine and other chemical contaminants, and the Futura salt-free water conditioner in the second stage.

The APEC WH-SOLUTION-10 is the other option and the most comprehensive of the three models. It’s a three-stage system featuring a whole house sediment pre-filter in the 1st stage that clears out particles and sediments in the water.

The 2nd stage consists of a catalytic carbon filter that removes common chemical contaminants like chorine while the third and final stage is the Futura salt-free water conditioner.

Therefore, depending on your particular needs and condition of your water, you have the option to choose a water conditioner with filters or without filters.


The Futura 10 is perfect for the average family home. It can soften up to 10 gallons of water per minute which is an impressive flow rate, sufficient enough to provide adequate water to an entire home without a drop in pressure.

You can take a shower while running the dishwasher and doing laundry at the same time, yet you won’t experience any drop in pressure. It’s designed to work with up to 3 bathrooms simultaneously.

Installation and Maintenance

Like the AO Smith Water Descaler above, the FUTURA-10 is a single tank system that’s easy to install and would fit anywhere with ease. You just need to connect it to your house’s main water supply line and you are good to go.

The system has no backwash function nor does it require electricity and drainage for wastewater. It’s a maintenance-free unit that you install and let it run. The media will, however, require replacement once every 3 to 5 years.

Overall, the Futura-10 is a robust system and an effective solution for families looking to solely combat limescale in their water. It’s a premium product that’s worth checking out if you are after great quality and performance plus it comes with a long 10 –year limited warranty.


  • Advanced ceramic media removes hardness of up to 25 GPG
  • Retains the hardness minerals in the water
  • Faster water flow at 10 GPM
  • Robust and very durable construction
  • Installation is a breeze and requires minimum maintenance
  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty and life-time support


  • Not ideal for use with well water

Product Overview

ProductAPEC Water FUTURA-10 Water Conditioner Reviews
BrandAPEC Water
Rating4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5) (More than 10 reviews)
Recommended price1,199.00 USD (Check the latest price at Amazon.com)

Product Specification

Capacity1-3 Bathrooms
Flow Rate10 GPM
Dimensions9 x 9 x 48 inches
Weight60 pounds

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APEC Water FUTURA-10 Water Conditioner Reviews
APEC Water FUTURA-10 Water Conditioner
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