APEC Water CS-2500n Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

Our next under sink water filter is the APEC CS-2500 water filtration system. This is a strong but more basic under sink water filter from APEC Water built to provide dependable filtration at an affordable price. It’s a good starting point for those who are looking for a simple, budget under sink water filter for improving the quality of their city water.

Filtration Performance

The APEC CS-2500 filtration process relies purely on a single filter cartridge for the removal of several different kinds of contaminants commonly found in water supplied from municipal treatment plants.

It utilizes a carbon block filter which may seem like a standard carbon filter but it does offer a respectable contaminant rejection rate. This highly porous medium is able to eliminate up to 97% of chlorine, bad tastes, odors and various other chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides from the water.

The media is also capable of removing 90% of all lead plus other heavy metals while ensuring that essential minerals like calcium and potassium remain in the water. It’s a much ideal filter for dealing with lead or anything chemical that contaminates your water.

Besides that, it’s designed to be bacteriostatic and as such, it will as well remove heterotrophic bacteria and inhibit them from growing or reproducing within the unit which is a big plus in preventing any possibility of further contamination happening inside the filter.

Capacity and Efficiency

Like the APEC WFS-1000, the exact filtration capacity of this APEC CS-2500 model has not been clearly specified but according to APEC, its maximum contaminant reduction capacity is around 5,000 gallons and that should allow the filter to go for up to 12 months before you can change it.

The water flow rate is 1.67 gallons per minute which is good enough to ensure you get filtered water on-demand quickly plus you won’t notice any drop in water pressure when using the filter.

Installation and Maintenance

The best part of this unit aside from its filtration ability is that it offers a trouble-free installation. Using the provided standard 3/8” connector, you screw in the inlet line from the filter directly to your cold water supply valve and then screw in the outlet line to your existing faucet stem.

It’s that easy and you don’t require a separate faucet. The lines will handle pressures of up to 125 psi thanks to the twist connection design and they are likely to leak under high pressure compared to push-in hoses.

This quick twist connection design also enables easy filter replacement which you won’t have to do more frequently as the filter cartridge lasts up to 12 months without change out. The lifespan may vary though depending on the quality of water going into the unit.

Generally, there’s little to worry about this under sink water filter. It’s a basic and economical water filtration system suitable for removing chlorine, heavy metals and a few other contaminants from treated municipal water. Due to its compact size as well as easy installation, it can be a perfect choice for RV owners.


  • Removes a good number of contaminants
  • Destroys and prevents bacterial build-up
  • Essential minerals remain in the filtered water
  •  Decent flow rate and filter lifespan
  • Easy to install and to replace the filter cartridge


  • Does not remove fluoride
  • Cannot be used with well water

Product Overview

ProductAPEC Water CS-2500n Under Sink Water Filter Reviews
BrandAPEC Water
Rating4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5) (More than 51 reviews)
Recommended price88.24 USD (Check the latest price at Amazon.com)

Product Specification

FeaturesTwist and lock design
FiltersAPEC FI-CS-2500 Replacement Filter
Flow rate1.67 GPM
Filter changing indicatorN/A
Dimensions12 x 4 x 4 inches
Weight3.25 pounds

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