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About Vann Wiley – The Author


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Vann Wiley

Hi there, welcome to my site!

My name is Vann Wiley – the founder of WaterFilteroo.

As a water resource specialist, I share my advice and experience with water filtration.

I have always been interested in improving the quality of life, healthy food and drink, especially in providing clean water to the community.

WaterFilteroo is the result of my passion for finding a solution for others to access clean water. My mission is providing comprehensive guidance and product reviews to help make your buying experience easier.

I have worked for several water filter suppliers and manufacturers across Australia and Taiwan.

I have started with WaterFilteroo as the way I can share my knowledge and experience with water filtration that I can help others to access clean water for a better life.

I’m traveling around the world, so we may see each other at a beach, a bar or cafe, or maybe in a museum, as I love seeing art collection and treasure.

We can always get in touch: Contact me | Email | Facebook

About WaterFilteroo – The Website

WaterFilteroo.com is a collection of my advice and experience studying and working as a water resource and water filtration specialist.

I am obsessed with finding the latest and greatest products to make life easier, healthier, and more environment-friendly.

Thank you and enjoy shopping!