The Best Water Filtration System

It depends on your water source and your needs, the best water filtration system for you could be one of the following options:

Under The Sink Water Filters

The under sink water filters deprive you of space from the cupboard underneath the sink, hence, they don’t clutter the counter.

The typical activated carbon or inline filters and Reverse osmosis systems are the common water filtration solutions for under the kitchen sink.

Inline Under Sink Water Filter

An under sink water filter system can be an inline filter or a multi-stage filter system which is a water purification filter designed to sit underneath the kitchen counter, right underneath the sink itself and it’s connected directly to the under-sink cold water supply where it takes water from and sends it to a filtration media for purification after which it’s sent directly to a faucet for instant dispensing.

An under sink water filter provides a convenient and much affordable way of getting an instant supply of clean and healthy water. They are best for purifying municipal water with fairly low levels of contamination which doesn’t require an RO system to remove.

Here are the best Under sink water filter

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Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

Reverse osmosis water filter system is a water purification system that uses filtration cartridges which include pre-filter, thin semi-permeable membrane, post-filter, and other accessories to remove undesirable materials and provide clean water for drinking and other purposes.

The process involves using pressure to force the water molecules to flow through the semipermeable membrane while stopping bigger molecules such as bacteria and other impurities.

In general, reverse osmosis systems are one of the best and most effective water purification systems available for households.

Here are the best reverse osmosis systems.

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Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Filtering your water for the whole house is more of a necessity than a choice nowadays if you care about your health. It’s not only for drinking water but also for showering, washing clothes, and cleaning.

There are typical whole house water filter systems are designed for city water or well water, water softeners for hard water, water descalers or water conditioners are used to prevent limescale buildup.

Whole House Water Filter System

A whole house water filter system is one of the most effective water filtering solutions currently available on the market. It not only produces clean and healthy water but it’s more environmentally friendly compared to other filtering systems.

Choosing the best whole house water filter system is not about which system has the highest number of filters or the highest flow rate. Each filter is designed to handle certain contaminants and might be less effective at removing others.

Here are the best whole house typical water filters:

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Water Softener

A water softener is a device that filters minerals from hard water, mostly magnesium and calcium. It improves water quality to get rid of problems caused by the limescale build-up and mineral deposits. These include spotty laundry, stained pipes, and appliances as well as bad water taste and smell.

A salt base water softener provides soft water by an ion exchange process. Calcium and magnesium ions are separated from your water at an atomic level and replaced with salt, for example, sodium. They recharge automatically through a regeneration process and most modern units are automated.

A salt-free water softener does not typically make your water soft as it does not remove water hardening ions. Instead, it conditions your water to prevent hard minerals from clumping up in the water and settle as scale or film. These units are more appropriately referred to as descaler and are effortless to maintain.

Here are the best salt-based water softener systems:

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Water Descaler

An electronic water descaler [electronic salt-free water softener] is an electronic device consisting of coils of insulated electrical cables wrapped around the pipes at your main water inlet. They produce electromagnetic waves that alter the chemical structure of the water minerals thereby preventing limescale from attaching and building up in the pipes.

Investing in a residential electronic salt-free water softener alternative water descaler is the best thing you can do if you want an affordable and hustle-free way of treating water hardness and prevent limescale build-up.

Here are the best electronic water descalers:

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Water Conditioner

A water conditioner is an alternative water softening device that’s equipped with some type of cartridge or tank containing a special scale control media that help transform hardness mineral ions in the water into a stable and harmless form that won’t adhere to surfaces.

Water conditioners provide a great alternative option to traditional salt-based water softener systems. They are effective, relatively affordable and reduce the need for expensive salts as well as frequent monitoring and brine washing.

Here are the best electronic water descalers:

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Point Of Use Water Filter

A good point of use (POU) water filter can be your primary source of drinking water, even when you’re away from the kitchen.

Several options are available including countertop filter, water distiller, faucet mount filter, shower head filter, a water filter pitcher, or a water filter dispenser.

Countertop Water Filter

Countertop water filters stand out from other water filtration solutions because they are really simple and compact in size. They are easy to install and do not require any kind of expertise.

This type of water filters come with their own faucet that drains into the sink. This makes them portable and ideal for small spaces, especially for renters.

Here are the best countertop water filters:

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Water Distiller

A water distiller purifies water by boiling it to its evaporation point, separating water from impurities such as chemicals, minerals, and dissolved solids. Distillation is a process that occurs naturally on our planet and has been simulated in a machine.

Distillation starts with a heating element that boils water into steam. Steam has a higher boiling point than almost all water contaminants that are separated from the water as it evaporates. Steam is then directed to another chamber and cooled through condensation for clean, purified water.

Here are the best water distillers:

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Faucet Mount Water Filter

A faucet mount water filter [or on-tap filter] is a small point of use water filter that attaches directly to your tap. It removes several water contaminants, ensuring water is safe for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Faucet mount water filters mainly rely on activated charcoal filters and are easy to install.

Faucet mount water filters are a great solution for renters who cannot install a permanent whole house filtration system in their homes. You can always carry it with you and it does not make permanent changes to your water system.

Here are the best faucet mount water filters:

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Shower Head Water Filter

A shower head water filter is a compact water filter unit that can be attached to your shower to make the water cleaner and healthier for hair and skin. These units direct water through various mediums that remove various contaminants mechanically or chemically.

Showerhead water filters are capable of preventing your hair from breaking and being discolored, keep your skin soft and supple and give you that squeaky-clean, refreshing feeling by eliminating impurities and chemicals in your water supply.

Here are the best shower head water filters:

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Water Filter Dispenser

A water dispenser is a device that metes out water and consists of a main tank and faucet. There are different kinds of dispensers available though they work under similar principles. A water dispenser may come with additional settings such as hot or cold water on demand.

There are water dispensers that come with a filter. This is convenient for people that cannot drink water straight from the tap either due to heavy chlorination or other contaminants in the water. These kinds of dispensers offer pure and tasteless water at no extra cost.

A free-standing water cooler dispenser is one that can be placed anywhere on the floor. Water bottles are loaded onto it from the bottom or top, hence the name bottom load and top load dispensers respectively. A tabletop water dispenser is a practical solution for easy access to drinking water. They are water dispensers that minimize small spaces and can fit on a table or counter space.

Water dispensers started out as an office favorite. It is an easy access point for clients and employees to get water without having to take long breaks to the store.

Here are the best water dispensers:

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Water Filter Pitcher

A water filter pitcher is a small and simple filtration unit that is made up of a reservoir and filter cartridge. Unfiltered water is purified as it flows through the cartridge filters and into the jug reservoir.

Water Filter pitchers are made to stay in the refrigerator, a countertop or shelf. Though the size and design of different filter pitchers may vary, they work under the same principle. A water filter pitcher provides easy and fast access to water for anyone who may not need large, sophisticated filtration systems.

Here are the best water filter pitchers:

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Final Words

You’ve seen a complete list of the best water filter options.

If you have in mind what to remove from the water and you know what type of water filter can help you to resolve your problems. You probably know which water filter unit in the lists above is the best one to purchase.

Just get it to enjoy your new level of dinking water.